Monday, July 30, 2012

Lumps and Bumps in Dogs

Lumps and Bumps in dogs are not normal.  Simple.

"So how long has this lump been there", I ask.

"For a long time, doesn't cause her any pain", the owner says. " You said it was nothing and that it was ok to leave it."

"Well, I have no record of it from her last visit 12 months ago." I state.

" It has only been there for 3 or so months. Started off real small, and now it is the size it is now" he points to something the size of a tennis ball."

Ok. I last saw your dog 12 months ago. The lump only came up around 3 months ago, and you are telling me that I told you that it was OK to have left it, and done nothing about it. Sounds logical to me (not).

In all fairness, the above scenario doesn't happen often, but it does happen. 

Some people, rather than being honest with themselves, justify their lack of taking action on a third party... in this instance, me, the vet.

I would, and most other vets wouldn't ever say that a lump was ok to leave unless we were darned sure what it actually was.  In the world of lumps and bumps, size does not matter, where the smallest of lumps can be the nastiest of things.

We are always here to help you, help your pet.

Want to know more?  Go to our lumps and bumps page. to find more about what we can, at Russell Vale Animal Clinic, and especially what I can, as Dr Liz, can help.