Friday, March 13, 2015

New Product - Revolutionary? Bravecto

Our pets are the winners this year with the anticipated release in April of a new flea and tick control tablet for dogs.  Late last year, there was the release of the monthly flea and tick tablet Nexguard.

So, if we thought a monthly flea and tick tablet was novel, having that level of control in a single tablet that needs to be given each 3 months, has taken it out to a whole new level.

I went to the launch of Bravecto  in Bomaderry, and learnt the latest in the management of paralysis tick poisoning, as well as the ins and outs of Bravecto.

The short version is
- It is a pork liver flavoured tablet with various sizes from 2 kg to 56 kg.
- It needs to be given each 3 months for control of fleas, and 4 months for paralysis ticks. (but two months for the brown dog tick).
- It can be given with the three monthly intestinal worming, with vaccinations, with heartworm preventatives and other common routine medications.
- It is a whole brand new class of drug.

The excitement over this product reminds me of when Frontline first came onto the market!

What I can't tell you is the cost, as no one was sharing that info tonight, but we have been told that it will be similar or slightly better than what you are paying now.

I am Dr Liz, the mad vet from Russell Vale Animal Clinic.  We stock and recommend a range of quality veterinary flea and tick products, so if you have any questions on what is the right thing for your pet, come in and ask.