Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Twelve Days of Veterinary Christmas? Our list of twelve FREE veterinary services

The other day, during a cleanout of the back bedroom at the vet hospital, I came across one of my original Business Plans for Russell Vale Animal Clinic. It was dated 1997.  I read through the Mission Statement that I had written, looked at the dreams and aspirations that I had for the future of this special little vet hospital.
Most vets started out doing exactly this.

There were words such as "care of our animals", " respect" " understanding" "family" littered in amongst the financial words in the  business plan.  I had a vision of being a wellness centre, where the care of each pet was age appropriate.  I had a vision of a community of animal lovers, with each supporting each other, as communities and families do.

A few weeks ago, I asked my clients for help in writing a blurb for a website competition, and this is what someone else wrote!

"providing quality, affordable (and practical) animal healthcare. Each step, we’ve tried to create
a community of pet lovers around our animal hospital. We love what we do- and it shows. " Bek

It is heart warming to know that we are doing what we had set out to achieve.

We love to  help all of our animalclinic family members, and here are some ways that we do help that you might not be aware of. 
We also offer a free face on which your pet can lick to their
heart's content (Thanks Lillie for obliging)

So in the spirit of the "Twelve days of Christmas my true love gave to me",  here is a list of the twelve things this mad vet at Russell Vale vets, gives to you.

1. Free pet care product advice
We know that pet owners these days buy their pet care products from anywhere - from the internet, from the supermarket, and from the pet shop. 

As a vet, I am not here to  "to sell you product", but to make sure your pet is on the right product.  We have seen dogs on three different types of Heartworm preventatives, and dogs on none (thinking that they were).

Your pet's health is important to you and definitely to us, so why not speak to trained experts in all things animal?

Of course we sell a broad range of pet foods, flea and tick preventatives, dental care products and much much more, and we stand by each and every product we sell.

The best pet care advice always has to come from your local vet. 

To find out more about buying pet products from the supermarket, you can read it here. 

To know more on how we can help you, just come in and ask.

2. Free Scan and Check of Microchip

At every visit, your pet's microchip is scanned, and then we do the next step.  We check the NSW and national databases to confirm that the details are up to date. 

We have seen many new pets whose details are "out of date" or just plain wrong.  

It is for your peace of mind that we check - we want to know that the microchip is operating well, is sitting where it is supposed to be sitting, and that the information is current too.  Correct information is the ONLY way a pet is going to make it back home.

As of November 2014, we are now part of the National Pet Register's ChipChecker campaign, for your peace of mind.

3. Free Online Veterinary Consultations:

We were always available for advice and a friendly ear on the phone, but in the day of internet, we have transformed this to email 24/7. 

Any time of the day or night, swing through an email, and we will help you as much as we can.  It can take a few days to get a reply, so not suited for the emergency situation, but most times, it is within a few hours.

It can be for a simple question, like why does my pet get hiccups, to something more serious. We can't diagnose over the internet, but we can certainly be that friendly ear to listen to you about your pet's problems.

Want to know more?   You can go here!

4. Free Monthly e-news Animail Tails:

Each month, I write and publish our own newsletter - its loads of fun!  I just love to share knowledge about our animal friends. It's all original and free information.

Do you receive it? If not, you should see the sign up box on the right.

If you want to see past issues, you can visit here.

5. Free Dental Checks:

Our dental checks are free all year round - and it is perfect for any pet (whether we have seen them before or not).

All new pets are welcome too.

Dental disease still remains the most common disease in our pets, and yet, it is still the most ignored.  We know that the way to a happy, healthy life is through a healthy, pain free mouth.

Many owners still believe a happy  eating pet can't be in pain with their dental disease.  Wrong!

All of our puppies and kittens also need dental checks when they turn six months old, to make sure all of the baby teeth are gone, and the adult teeth are through.  We want to make sure that there are no retained baby teeth, or adult teeth  hitting soft tissue, or any other abnormality.  We do know that early intervention can save every pet a lot of pain.

6. Free app access:

We have a PocketVet app, as well as a First Aid app.

PocketVet is a handy tool, where you can put all of your pet's information in. It also gives you easy access to our phone numbers, and access to any emergency alerts too. 

Click here.  Our home page as the link for the Android phone version.

First Aid App is especially handy in the event of an emergency, or general health care questions (such as bee sting or snake bite).  It lists what are the signs to watch out for, as well as give contact details of your closest emergency facility.

7. Free First Puppy/Kitten Check Up

Click here to access the voucher.

Within 48 hours of your pet joining your household, you should get an independent veterinary check up.  We love puppies and kittens, and so, we are happy to offer a free full first vet check.
Check Ups?  Yup, that is what we need!

Our vet checks are very comprehensive, covering your pet from tip to tail.

8. Free First Revisit appointment after the primary visit:

Many times, with a sick or unwell pet, or one with a skin or ear problem, we will ask you to come back for a "recheck".  The first recheck is free so long as it is within the time frame recommended (usually 2-3 weeks)

Your pet's health and welfare is very important to all of us here, but we know that revisits are best to "tweak the plan" if needed.

9. Free Weigh In:

Our step on scales are always available for you to use - to weigh yourself, luggage, and obviously your family pet.

Don't be frightened to come in to weigh your pet on a regular basis, and always remind us to update the weight on our system.  We often use weight as a guide to a pet's health, with an unexpected weight loss a cause for concern.

And, it makes for "happy vet visits" for your pet - with a treat and a happy smile from all of us.

10. Coffee, Tea and Bikkies and Animalclinic Library

The animalclinic café is a little hub where you an enjoy a coffee, tea and other light refreshments. Very handy for the kiddies too, as aren't they always hungry?

 The library has a range of books which you can borrow or peruse.  There are even books for the kids to read too.

11. Free Liver Jerky Treats for all animals

We make our own liver jerky treats - we know it is made fresh using human grade ingredients.  All pets deserve to be pampered when they come in, and we love to make it fun for everyone.

The days of stressful vet visits is over!

12. Free online resources

Through my bellambivet blog and my website, I have created resources for the most common pet problems.  The "Astonishing Secrets" series of blog posts covers topics from hot spots, itchy pets and sore ear;  the "Behaviour Bytes" series covers anxiety and tips to help your pet. 
My "Astonishing Secrets" friends.

I am Dr Liz, and I am your pet's vet. With my family, who are also my vet team, we care for all of our pets. We believe that all pets deserve to be happy and healthy, and
we work hard to help all of you loving pet owners do exactly that.

L - R  Tegan, Sean, Dr Liz, Santa (aka Dirk), Haiden (back),
& Paige (front)
The family vet team at Russell Vale Animal Clinic
Take care everyone, and have a Meowy Christmas, and a Howling New Year!