Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Sunday Story about George

I had originally written this for my facebook page , but by the time I had finished, it was "this" long - and it is hard to edit a story where with each word written, you are reliving the fear you felt when you thought you had lost George.  So here it is....

"I won't follow Pandora, promise"
says George!

Don't you hate the feeling when you have lost your pet?  That horrible sick feeling?

Well, George did that to me this morning - I have come into work to finalise my bookwork (tax stuff), and let him out.  He followed me outside, and then I had to go back in to make a cup of coffee.  He had watched intently as Pandora went under the deck at the back.

It didn't occur to me that he would follow her. 

Two minutes later, I went out to check on him in the backyard, and he was nowhere to be seen.  My heart sank!

I checked his bedroom, and he wasn't there.  I checked the backyard again. He wasn't there.  So, I went through  many of the  rooms in the clinic, my heart sinking each time I couldn't see him. 

"Food is served" hears George!
I was not going under the house to get him - Dirk can barely fit under there at the best of times, if I went under there, I can only imagine what the headlines would read!

Finally, went into the last room I thought he would venture into - Pandora's bedroom!  


George in our backyard at work
 He was there gazing out her window whilst she was out!  Her view is a bit better than his! (she is the boss after all).

 "Breakfast is served", I informed him, and watched him run (seriously) to his bedroom.

Our animals are so precious and beautiful, and so, losing them is painful. 

It is a lesson to appreciate each moment we have with our family (of all creeds), as we never know when we may ever have that opportunity again.

I am Dr Liz, the mad vet from Russell Vale Animal Clinic.  My family is "big" in my mind, as it includes every pet that I see (whether I continue to see them or not).

My immediate family includes - Dirk (hubby), my human children (Tegan, Haiden, Sean and Paige), and my animal family - Pandora and George (at work), and Piper, Pusski and Dash (at home).  I also have to include the neighbours cat, Feral (they named him, not us), who, like any neighbourhood kid, loves to sponge a free meal now and then.
Pandora (the boss)

Piper (Practice Manager)

An older (but still appropriate)
photo of my children