Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dr Liz's Gratitude Project 2014 - Amazing Pet Owners

The Gratitude Project 2014 is still going strong - every day it is there to remind me in the good in what is around all of us.


I am grateful for the amazing people who have the

graciousness to say "Thank You". 

It is basic good manners, but it seems like in our busy customer service oriented world, we often forget this basic gift of kindness. We often assume just because it is their "job" that they do not need a thanks for doing it, and equally, because they have done a job well, the satisfaction of that alone is enough for them too.  It may well be the case on some days, but on others, it isn't.

I am sure we have all been in situations, where a simple Thank You, has humbled you.  I know it has for me.

These two simple words can transform a day in a persons life when they are thinking "why do or did I bother", to one of "I did do some good today.. somebody else noticed"

Oh... BTW -  Thank You! for reading my bellambivets blog!

For happy healthy pets .... always.... Dr Liz