Saturday, February 15, 2014

Dr Liz's Gratitude Project - My Healing Angel

The Gratitude Project is all about appreciating life.  In a veterinarians life we have to deal with all aspects of life -  birth, death, sickness and health. And unfortunately, we get to deal with this over and over, as our pets are never with us for long enough. 

Recently, a client thanked me for my gentleness and kindness with her beloved dog - I was the first vet in his 17 years that he would ever accept treats from, and who didn't muzzle him to examine him (he was very growly and cranky usually).

I thanked the owner for her kind words, but said it was all thanks to the Healing Angel by my side, who guides me in my daily work.

My Healing Angel watches over my waiting room (pictured below) and all of those who come in to Russell Vale Animal Clinic.

I am grateful for the Healing Angel, whose gentle presence helps all veterinarians, including me, in our daily endeavours with our animal brethren.