Monday, January 27, 2014

Dr Liz's gratitude project 2014 - Lost Pet Rescuers are the best!

We are all on this world together... so let us grow up and act like it!
Dr Liz's gratitude project 2014 is all about appreciating all that is around us - it is something our media doesn't do, and something our actors and sportspeople seem to do almost weekly (but usually to themselves).



I am grateful for all of those animal lovers who go out of their way to help those pets who they can see are in trouble.

The inspiration for this is a post that was on our Facebook Page for Lost and Found Pets of Wollongong and the Illawarra.

"....................Today I stood in the middle of the Princess Hwy stopping traffic. A lovely young lady and a man who just finished work at the Salvation Army joined me. The reason: two beautiful but extremely small dogs who were running through major traffic. Both are now safe with their owner. My answer to a question of why would you risk your life for the sake of two dogs? My answer is because it is exactly what I would want done if that were my dogs in risk. My hubby did say he did not know I could run so fast haha"