Thursday, July 11, 2013

The musings of Dr Liz - I am grateful for -

Welcome to another "musings" of Dr Liz.  If this is your first one, why not go back and read some of my earlier ones!

I am grateful for.... Each day  we should all take a few minutes of each day to write down or recite to ourselves five things (you should really do twenty, but five always makes me feel good, so I stop there) that you are grateful for.

Today.... I am grateful for...
  • that I am able to sit in quiet contemplation for five minutes
  • that I do not need to worry where my next meal is coming from
  • the beautiful sun that warms me by day, and the moon that lights the night path.
  • the clean air (as clean as it can be in a steel city in Wollongong)
  • the health of my beautiful children.
If you could ask your pet, what would you think they would be grateful for? 

What are you grateful for?