Thursday, July 18, 2013

Musings of Dr Liz - Compassion-Kindness zone

Welcome to another one of my musings.

Whenever I think of my Utopia - my perfect world - it would be a world with more compassion and kindness.  It wouldn't be a world where we are perfect, where we don't make mistakes, or where things do not go wrong. They are the human frailties which give our life a depth of meaning.

But I would like to see a world with alot more compassion and kindness. There is definitely room for improvement in these two traits.  When I think about domestication of pets, this is the thought that hits me.  While the behaviourists talk about tameness, and mutual benefit as a reason for domestication of man and pets, I think about the compassion of animals, and their kindness in allowing us into their world (or you could look at it from the human perspective too... mutual compatible compassion?)

This would then make those stories of children being brought up by wolves, or monkeys, or any thing else in the wild, logical.

I believe that this is what we can learn from our own pets - most of them practice compassion and kindness to us every day.  They are there, wagging their tails, or meowing for food, letting us know that we are important to them. That is kindness.

When are feeling a bit down, and we sit on the back step with our head in our hands, our dog comes up, and puts their head under your arm, lifting it gently so by the end, you are giving them a hug.  That is compassion.

My father always used to say .... when you say something bad about someone else, it reflects more on you than it does on the other person.  The same would apply when you say something nice.

Our animals are great teachers on compassion and kindness, and we should follow their lead. I try to every day.

I am Dr Liz... thank you for any kindness and compassion that you have shown your fellow "living creature" today.