Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dr Liz's Gratitude Project - Saying Thanks

The Gratitude Project is all about being grateful for the good things and the good people that are part of our lives.

I am grateful for the wonderful people who realise that there is more to be gained by saying "Thank You".

Meet Pandora
@theonlypandora is the twitter handle of Russell Vale Animal Clinic,  named after the boss of the vets, Pandora.

How many of you spend your day thanking others?  Most of us don't as we often assume they know, or we say "well that is their job".

Please, stop and say "Thank you" to your bus driver, to your shop assistant, wave a thanks to the person who holds that "Stop/Go" sign at the roadworks.  

I am Dr Liz, the mad vet from Russell Vale Animal Clinic.  Whilst I own and work at Russell Vale vets, the true boss is Pandora (pictured), and all of the beautiful animals that we see every day.

Thank you for allowing me to continue doing what I love doing - helping our beautiful animals - whether it be keeping them healthy, helping them get back to being healthy, or to give them dignity in their final moments.