Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015 New Years Resolutions for Dr Liz and her crew

As I write this on the eve of New Years 2015, I have to admit to myself that I, like many others, did not keep half of the resolutions I had set into place for 2014.

Whilst I could come up with a million and one excuses or reasons, the truth of the matter is.... I am human.  Things happened which challenged me as a person, which turned me cynical, made me reactive,  and overall, a person I never thought I was. 
I want to be happy, like a Lab!

Whilst the majority of you would never have noticed as you would not have seen me at my weak moments, I know for a fact some did.

I didn't return calls in a timely fashion, I wasn't available at short notice to speak with you, and sometimes, the clinic was closed for family, for conference leave or for other reasons. I felt like I had failed some pet owners this past year, and it was an awful awful feeling for me. If I do not or cannot provide you with the animal care service you need and deserve, then you will, understandably, go elsewhere.  You are all lucky in Wollongong, as we have the best vets in the world living and working right here (IMHO).
We thank you all for being part of the animalclinic family.

I am thankful for those who have chosen, and will continue to choose Russell Vale Animal Clinic as your pet care provider.  You are amazing, and I endeavour to work harder to be deserving of your trust in us.

For 2015..... my resolutions -

I hope  to continue

- working on kindness and compassion
- to be true to myself and my family
- to give my family a hug every day, and make sure they know that they are the most important thing
- to be kind to myself
- to love all animals
- to love the pet owners of the animals that we see

I am not going to resolve to lose weight, drink or eat less or exercise more, as whilst I don't intend to fail those, given my work/life balance, that is not going to happen.
I want to continue to be there for all of my animals in 2015 and beyond!

And yes, there's more ...
Bellambivets blog is going to start posting regularly, each Tuesday and Friday. (or if you prefer another night, let me know, I can be flexible too), starting from Tuesday, 6th of January 2015.

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- Astonishing Secrets - the help you need to help your pet until you can get them to a vet. 
The Astonishing Secrets Dudes!

- Behaviour Bytes - exploring our pet's inner demons - helping our animals with their mental illness of depression, anxiety, fear and extreme phobias.

- Dr Liz's Dental Discussion - As a practice which offers "First Class" Dental services, including dental radiography, we explore the routine, and not so routine side of veterinary dentistry.
Our Dental Discussion Dudes!

- Gratitude Project - My 2014 project kept me sane, when the world seemed to be caving in around me and my practice, so it is continuing into 2015.  It is all about being grateful for what we have.

- Musings of Dr Liz - aaahhh... otherwise known as the ramblings of a mad vet.

and a new section, which is
- Dear Dr Liz - as a vet who offers online veterinary consults, designed to help pet owners help their pet, we are sharing these questions with all of you - as it is likely you will have a similar question at some point.

I am Dr Liz, from Russell Vale Animal Clinic, otherwise known as the vet on Bellambi Lane. 

Take care, and Happy New Year!