Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Random Act of Kindness - Nominated for a Website Makeover

Thanks to my cat, Pusski, I was awake really early yesterday morning (21st October).  He was doing the usual scratching at whatever papers are in my room, to alert me that it was his breakfast time.

And, I am sure I am like many of you, I checked my email at the same time.

What I surprise .... a random act of kindness occurred to me.   I am not usually the recipient of kindness, as a veterinarian, we are usually the ones who give, not receive.

There was a kind hearted person called "Anonymous" who felt that my website needed a "makeover", and nominated us as a "Local Legend".

Oh, wow!

Thank you Anonymous, for your Random Act of Kindness.

It is appreciated. It is an opportunity to win an amazing prize, and yes,  my website can do with a "makeover". 

I agreed to the terms and conditions, gulped when I saw that there was going to be publicity involved, but agreed nonetheless.

To be nominated was very humbling, but to get to the next stage, is going to require your help.

We need to get ourselves from the "nomination" list to the "short list".  I don't know what Anonymous wrote about us (as this is one of the determinants), the website review is another determinant (so do I make it look good or leave it as it is?).

The most important thing we need is for all of you to vote for us, and to share it amongst your friends, so they can also vote for us.

Please go here.... 
or if link doesn't work

or you can click on the photo below.

We thank each and everyone of you for supporting my little vet hospital at Russell Vale.

The tally as at 22nd October (after one day only) is 113, but it would be awesome if it was much much higher.

The Mad Vet, Dr Liz
Pusski, my "fat cat" hard at work!