Thursday, September 18, 2014

The new Veterinary Oath.

At the 2014 WSAVA Congress, the new global veterinary oath was revealed.  

As I read this oath, a tingle went down my spine.

With my hand on my heart, my head up straight, I proudly state that...

"As a global veterinarian, i will use my knowledge and skills for the benefit of our society,  through the protection of animal welfare and health, the prevention and relief of animal suffering and the promotion of One Health.

I will practice my profession with dignity, in a correct and ethical manner,  which includes lifelong learning to improve my professional competence."


The Mad Vet
Dr Liz

Russell Vale Animal Clinic
And I share my extra (personal) line to the "veterinary oath"

"I vow to allow my face to be licked left, right and centre by all of my animal friends, as all that I do and am, is for them."