Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dr Liz's Gratitude Project - Animals

Dr Liz's Gratitude Project continues, although admittedly, it has hit a big hurdle in March and April - I was struggling to find things to be grateful for.

The work one does with animals is always full of emotion - sadness, happiness, joy, gratitude, love, companionship, compassion and kindness.

And then one has to work with their owners - sometimes it is a mutual understanding, care and respect, and sometimes it is dysfunctional (aka not very nice).

A cat, a human and a dog - in the same bed - notice the hierarchy?  (there is Pusski up the top, Dirk, then Piper though I think is keeping the peace between Pusski and Piper).

I am so grateful for my animals who teach me about 

compassion, kindness and tolerance. 

Piper co-existing in our bed with Dirk