Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Why is Russell Vale Animal Clinic Closed... for Holidays

Why is Russell Vale Animal Clinic Closed.... for Holidays?

Strange, I know, that a business, a veterinary service provider, will close to take Holidays.

I am Dr Liz, and I am the vet at Russell Vale Animal Clinic.  And, in the days gone by, I used to have a fantastic team of vets and nurses who I could trust my beloved baby, my vet hospital, whilst I took a few days off here and there.

The Russell Vale Animal Clinic Mad House

And then, I had a few unfortunate experiences with Locum Vets, which changed my attitude to providing staff whilst I was away.

I was faced with two choices ---- not take any time off, holidays or breaks, work 65 open hours per week, not including the hours required to run the back end of a business.... and find myself physically and emotionally exhausted..... or

... take time off, and annoy perhaps 30 clients for the week or two I am away  .... or

.. hire someone, pay them $500 per day for no one to really see them, and still annoy the 30 or so clients.

Times when I want to take holidays, are times when I want to clone myself, and just have them operate the vet hospital whilst I am away.  Not forgetting, that we are a family vet hospital, and will need to replace Dirk (or clone him, although some days, one of him is enough).

So, why are we closed?  It isn't because we don't care, but it is because we are here for the long haul.  I want to be a vet to your pet in 2013, 2015 and beyond all of that. 

I don't want to be an exhausted, burnt out, emotionally cold vet, who doesn't care, or who only cares about money. 

I am passionate about my chosen profession, and the animals I look after.  And for this, my family and I have to recharge our own batteries.

I feel the same as you, when you are in need of your family vet provider, you are devastated when they are not available for you.  And I understand how you feel if this happens to you, as you may feel that your pet deserved better.

Your pet deserves the very best of vet care that is humanely possible.  Which means that your pet deserves a vet that is there to fight for them when they need it.

You and your pet needs to know that if I am there fighting for you, I am there, 151% fighting for you. As I do, always!

But sometimes, I need to fight for me and my family to.  So, we take a break, close up shop, go away, and recharge our batteries.

So we can be there for you, totally.

That is why we are closed at certain times of the year.  I am sure you will agree, that family is precious, and time we have with them is short.

We thank you for allowing us to be your family vet.